hybrid cloud migration

How to Develop a Hybrid Cloud Migration Strategy

For most businesses with hundreds of applications, developing a hybrid cloud migration strategy can be the difference between few and ...
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cloud migration

Defining a Cloud Migration Process for Real Business Outcomes

An ideal cloud migration is directly associated with the benefits of resiliency, scalability, flexibility, and speed. But those terms have ...
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Techolution and Brooklyn Hospital Use AI and IoT to Improve ICU Patient Care Outcomes

One of the most wrenching revelations of healthcare during the covid pandemic has been the lack of providers and too ...
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computer vision

Computer Vision Use Cases and Their Business Value

The power of cameras (both video and still) for capturing useful data is almost unfathomable in the digital age. But ...
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cloud native development

Part 2: Why Does Cloud Native Development Matter?

How Cloud-Native Development Benefits Your Business  In part one of this blog post, we discussed the elements that make up ...
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cloud native development

Part 1: Why Does Cloud Native Development Matter?

Understanding the elements of a cloud-native development approach Most aspects of our socio-economic lives are built around applications. That’s why ...
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Achieving A.I. Business Outcomes with Techolution’s AutoAI

AI has become somewhat of an imperative for businesses to remain competitive and innovative. AI projects hold a great deal ...
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benefits of gitops

The Business Benefits of GitOps in Healthcare

It’s not hyperbole to say that application development and delivery are the fuel propelling digital transformation forward for most businesses ...
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google cloud

GCP Growth and Market Share gains on AWS and Azure Makes Businesses the Winner

The ongoing cloud wars between AWS, Azure and GCP are heating up as Google's growth rate surges from 46% to ...
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