Who is Techolution

Our Vision

We at Techolution strive to build a world where technology enriches humanity by leveraging our understanding of technology and business to create positively impactful products and solutions for the human race.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality solutions to customers, enabling Techolution to grow into one of the most admired and recognized brands in the world and launching a billion dollar IPO by 2025.

Nurturing Digital Since 2014

Techolution is a global business technology consultancy headquartered in New York City with offices in India, Singapore, Indonesia and Mauritius. We specialize in building and implementing managed services and solutions for customers looking to digitally transform their business, whether they are at the beginning or further along their digital transformation journey. Our team of IT professionals possess significant expertise in the areas of Cloud Migration and Automation, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and CX/UX optimization. We apply our business and technical knowledge to help clients enhance their existing work processes and infrastructure in order to secure new efficiencies, boost productivity and increase company-wide cost-effectiveness. Given the current and ever-evolving digital landscape, Techolution delivers to customers tangible business value both in the present and in the future.

Techolution = Technology + Evolution | Your formula for digital success.


As we grow, our community expands with our customers, employees, stakeholders and partners. We have a commitment to them: our relationship is forever.

About Us

WOW Customer Experience

It is the interactions, the moments, and the impact that we create with our employees and customers that are the WOW experience.

About Us

WOW Employee Experience

Techolution is it’s people.
The incredible energy contained in Techolution is all about the success of its people. We inspire our people through a flat, open organizational structure and a positive culture.

About Us

Growth & Contribution

Growth and knowledge is very important to Techolution. We aim to enhance and broaden the knowledge of our team and as a company everyday.

Our Team

Luv Tulsidas

Founder and CEO

Luv is the founder of Techolution. He has built a strong leadership team which promotes Techolution’s values and focuses on high client satisfaction enabling the company’s growth. He is driven to ensure Techolution achieves its mission of being a highly recognised global brand.

Tim Delesio

Chief of Cloud Transformation

Tim has been developing applications for well over 20 years. He spent the first half of his career identifying the problems encountered when building large-scale, high performance applications in the corporate world, and the second half consulting to enterprises on how to resolve those issues with a staunch focus on technology and customer experience.

Anup Tolaram

Co-Founder & CEO of Techolution Africa

Anup has 15+ years experience in creating, planning and implementing technology solutions in areas such as IoT and smart cities. Anup completed his BSc in Finance and his postgraduate degree from the London School of Economics & Political Science.

Mal Marpaka

Chief Operating Officer

Mallareddy leads our operations with his deep expertise in service operational transformation, change management, and resource productivity. He’s passionate about organic growth strategy and

Shravan Molugu

Director, Client Success

Shravan’s expertise ensures client satisfaction in every aspect of Techolution’s delivery pipeline. Shravan also oversees governance & compliance so that clients’ teams remain productive.


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