Application Modernization
& Transformation Service

Launch applications in weeks and eliminate
technical mistakes & downtime.

Why Pick Techolution as Your Cloud Managed Service Provider?

Cut Your Time to Market from Months to Weeks
Cut Your Time to Market from Months to Weeks.

Get a usable app that delivers customer value & captures market share in 4 weeks.


Cut Support Costs by_Training Your Team
Cut Support Costs by
Training Your Team.

We’ll train your team on your new code & tech so you don’t overspend on hiring for new skills.


Dont Let Limited Capacity Frustrate Your Users
Don’t Let Limited Capacity
Frustrate Your Users

With auto-scaling, we’ll quickly spin-up capacity for traffic spikes to keep your users & bottom-line positive.


Prevent Costly Crashes_from Happening
Prevent Costly Crashes
from Happening.

We’ll equip your apps with self-healing to prevent your apps from crashing and cutting your revenue flow.


Reduce Deployment Cost
Reduce Deployment Cost, Time, and Complexity.

We’ll help you pick the cloud technologies that meet your needs & use your existing skills.


Are Your Patches & Updates Too Slow & Infrequent?

In 4 weeks, we’ll replatform your legacy apps into market ready solutions that take less time and fewer resources to maintain.

Cloud Platform Expertise





Cloud Hosting

Storm the Market in Just

Storm the Market in Just 1 Month.

We start by moving the features you critically need to the cloud and deliver a minimally viable product (MVP) in 1 month to help you get ahead of your rivals.

Through replatforming, containers, and microservices you’ll gain the ability to rapidly iterate on your apps to always stay ahead of your rivals and satisfy your users with fast bug-fixes, feature updates, and more.

Storm the Market in Just
Dont Overspend on Hiring for Gaps

Don’t Overspend on Hiring for Gaps

Leverage our onsite and remote training programs to upskill your existing staff and avoid overspending on hiring for skill and tech gaps.

Our goal is to empower your team so that you can independently accelerate your time to market and lower your long-term support costs.

Avoid Downtime Keep Revenue Flowing

Avoid Downtime & Keep Revenue Flowing

Be it Black Friday or some other source of high traffic bursts, we’ll spin-up new capacity to prevent crashes and downtime for your users.

When the spikes are done, we’ll lower your capacity to the compute power you need and free you from the sunk CAPEX costs of unused hardware.

If a problem arises, we’ll help save you time, money, staff, and headaches by dealing it with it, even if it involves a 3rd-party system or service. We won’t point fingers at your vendors and avoid the problem; we’ll tackle it head on.

We’ll also enable you to carry-out canary testing to validate a new feature with a subset of users to remove the risk of errors/downtime at general release.

Avoid Downtime Keep Revenue Flowing
Don’t Bottleneck Your Project _large

Don’t Bottleneck Your Project with Skill Gaps

We bring expertise in every major platform and technology to the table, which ensures you have all of the skills you need to cut your time to market.

Reach Your Customers Sooner

Reach Your Customers Sooner

We’ll help you cut your time-to-market by selecting the cloud IaaS and PaaS providers that reach your customers, work with your technology environments, and leverage your existing skills.

Reach Your Customers Sooner