Put Mission Critical Outages in Your Past

Using Our Asset Condition Monitoring Expertise

We build your strategy from design to implementation.  We leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize your operations by detecting anomalies and predicting asset failures. You will gain contextual insights and improve your uptime while avoiding losses from outages.

Unlock the hidden potential of your assets

Our Asset Condition Monitoring Solution helps businesses optimize operations and create new ways to increase equipment uptime, extend asset lifetime, and reduce maintenance expenditures.

Predictive Maintenance: Our solution enables enterprises to monitor assets in real time and detect anomalies well in advance by leveraging AI, advanced analytics and machine learning principles.

Connected Asset Management: Through our assessment approach of  business and industry critical assets using  intuitive visualizations, we provide a single integrated view of enterprise information that businesses can leverage so that they can act at the right time with the right resources.

Supporting Evolving Business Models: With insights in consumer behavior, we enable businesses to reengineer products, processes and systems that help transform business models and uncover  new revenue streams.

Key Differentiators

Custom Solutions

Our solution is customized to your industry, enhancing the visibility of critical assets across global operations by striking a balance between reliability and cost.

End-to-end service Integrator

Our asset condition monitoring solutions are based on an open architecture that enable you to integrate technologies without limits.

Real Time Visualization

We empower businesses to access, analyze, visualize and explore live operational information to take charge of business operations.

Tech Agnostic

We are able to work with our client’s preferred technologies and platforms that suit the situation and deliver a sustained competitive advantage.

Industry Expertise

Some of the fastest growing companies have trusted our technology and industry expertise to create platforms that drive real value.

Buck Stops Here

Our success lies in your success. We take ownership of all aspects of our solutions even after deployment.


Asset Condition Monitoring


Add intelligence to your physical stores and logistics, revolutionize customer experience.
Asset Condition Monitoring


Activate bird’s eye view of infrastructure and network towers, schedule maintenance runs proactively.
Asset Condition Monitoring

Energy & Power

Achieve improved control over energy distribution while reducing maintenance downtime.
Asset Condition Monitoring

Oil & Gas

Smart operations, safety and environmental sustainability with measured results.
Asset Condition Monitoring


Tap into a new generation of machine data for predictive and preventive maintenance.
Asset Condition Monitoring


Understand granular information about Megastructures’ health and avoid catastrophes.
Asset Condition Monitoring

Logistics & Transportation

Plan and route your fleet to avoid delays, diversion or physical damage.
Asset Condition Monitoring

Metals & Mining

Gain insights that enable you to address issues in machinery health and efficiency.
Asset Condition Monitoring


Explore new dimensions of operational excellence and patient care.

Reduce Your Business Downtime

Connect assets, drive insight and innovation with an integrated digital ecosystem.