digital innovation

The Complete Guide to IT Innovation

Why Constant Change is Here to Stay Although the concept of digital transformation (DX) is decades old, businesses have only ...
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it innovation

Top 5 IT Innovation Projects Your Enterprise Must Undertake In 2022

The last several years of a pandemic, remote workforce, and supply chain challenges, among other events, show enterprises the importance ...
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autosys to cloud composer

Why Your Financial Services Enterprise Should Migrate from AutoSys to Cloud Composer

The ability to connect data, processing, and services is the foundation of the modern financial services enterprise. You want to ...
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cloud automation and orchestration

Understanding Cloud Automation and Orchestration

Introduction: Cloud Automation and Orchestration for Digital Innovation The modern enterprise cannot innovate without the use of cloud automation and ...
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platform as a service

Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Cloud Computing

Application modernization and app development are the operational vehicles that propel today’s enterprises. As the cloud platform for developing, running, ...
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application modernization puzzle

Understanding Containers and the Puzzle of Application Modernization

While the technology behind application modernization gets most of the focus, it is the business necessity that is the driving ...
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modernization trends

Legacy Modernization Trends in 2022

When most enterprises think of modernization, they think of application modernization, which also encompasses data modernization and cloud migration. But ...
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modernize legacy applications

Why Modernize Legacy Applications?

The use of the cloud by enterprises has become ubiquitous in a changing pandemic world. Fifty-one percent of IT spending ...
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monolithic to microservices

Plotting the Monolithic to Microservices Optimization Path

The chances are good that your business has monolithic applications that were once simple, lightweight, and easy to manage. That ...
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