Understanding the Role of Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Understanding the Role of Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Virtualization Concepts in Cloud Computing Cloud computing is the best way to operationalize applications and workloads  to foster innovation, efficiency ...
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application deployment checklist

Checklist for Application Deployment

Source: Dilbert Your applications and workloads are the foundation of your business’ ability to stay competitive, both operationally and in ...
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what does the acronym p a a s mean

What does Platform As a Service Mean (PAAS) Mean?

Source: BMC A platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is a cloud services offering where you rent the data hosting infrastructure from a provider ...
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definition of containerization

Containerization – Definition & Benefits

Source: DepositPhotos “Containerization” is an approach to packaging and deploying cloud-native applications. To best understand it, we have to look ...
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defining what is configuration management and the benefits of configuration management

What Configuration Management Means And Why It Matters

Source: DepositPhotos Configuration Management (CM) is a process of tracking and enforcing consistency across an organization’s devices, software, and other ...
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what is configuration drift

Configuration Drift – Definition

Source: DepositPhotos What is a Configuration Drift? “Configuration drift” is a common term in data center operations. It basically refers ...
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what are branching statements in computer programming

What is Branching Within a Program?

Source: DepositPhotos In computer science, “branching” is a set of instructions. You’re basically asking the computer to execute various parts ...
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complex adaptive systems definition

What are complex adaptive systems?

Source: DepositPhotos What is a Complex Adaptive System? A complex adaptive system (CAS) is a concept where perfectly understanding the ...
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definition of api documentation

API Documentation Definition

Source: Postman Learning Center API (application programming interface) documentation is a reference outlining instructions on how to properly integrate and ...
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