what is a deployment pipeline

What is a Deployment Pipeline In Programming?

Source: In software development, a deployment pipeline is a set of processes DevOps engineers use to develop, test, and ...
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different types of apis

Different API Types

An Overview of All API Types Today’s developers use many different kinds of APIs to build their applications, especially cloud-native ...
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what is software application modernization

What Does Applications Modernization Mean?

Ultimately, the goal of a forward-thinking organization is to deploy software on the cloud. After all, digital transformation requires the ...
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Internet of THings

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microservices

A microservice is a type of application architecture. It comprises of a loosely coupled collection of services, and every single ...
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Cloud Foundry vs. Kubernetes: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Cloud Foundry vs. Kubernetes: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes let organizations deploy applications to the cloud and manage containers. Both are PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offerings where ...
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Neuromorphic Computing Banner

Neuromorphic Computing in 2030 | AI Mega Trends

Over the next decade, neuromorphic computing will evolve to become the cornerstone of artificial intelligence, driving machine decisions without any ...
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Techolution Town Hall 2019

Techolution Town Hall: The Most Awaited Time of the Year

This Town Hall wasn’t just a Q&A session. It was a place to cross-pollinate, recognize our strengths, and exchange successes ...
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service oriented architecture (SOA) vs microservices

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vs. Microservices

In a sense, microservices are simply SOAs -- i.e., service-oriented architecture -- reinvented. SOAs arose around the early 2000s. The ...
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microservices vs monolithic

Grasping Software Architecture: Monolithic vs Microservices

In today’s software development space, you’ll come across two concepts frequently: ‘monolithic’ and ‘microservices’. For business leaders, the ‘next step’ ...
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