defining what is configuration management and the benefits of configuration management

What Configuration Management Means And Why It Matters

Source: DepositPhotos Configuration Management (CM) is a process of tracking and enforcing consistency across an organization’s devices, software, and other ...
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what is configuration drift

Configuration Drift – Definition

Source: DepositPhotos What is a Configuration Drift? “Configuration drift” is a common term in data center operations. It basically refers ...
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what are branching statements in computer programming

What is Branching Within a Program?

Source: DepositPhotos In computer science, “branching” is a set of instructions. You’re basically asking the computer to execute various parts ...
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complex adaptive systems definition

What are complex adaptive systems?

Source: DepositPhotos What is a Complex Adaptive System? A complex adaptive system (CAS) is a concept where perfectly understanding the ...
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definition of api documentation

API Documentation Definition

Source: Postman Learning Center API (application programming interface) documentation is a reference outlining instructions on how to properly integrate and ...
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what is a deployment pipeline

What is a Deployment Pipeline In Programming?

Source: In software development, a deployment pipeline is a set of processes DevOps engineers use to develop, test, and ...
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different types of apis

Different API Types

An Overview of All API Types Today’s developers use many different kinds of APIs to build their applications, especially cloud-native ...
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what is software application modernization

What Does Applications Modernization Mean?

Ultimately, the goal of a forward-thinking organization is to deploy software on the cloud. After all, digital transformation requires the ...
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Internet of THings

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microservices

A microservice is a type of application architecture. It comprises of a loosely coupled collection of services, and every single ...
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