Blibli Case Study

Blibli Cloud Transformation


The challenge

BliBli wanted to migrate approximately 200 microservices and dependent supporting infrastructure to GCP from their data center. A key decision was to containerize all their microservices and deploy them on GKE for better scalability and availability. The migration was to be carried out in a phased manner with no downtime for the customer-facing production environment. It also included a complete migration of the entire codebase from on-prem to cloud along with a completely new redesigned and standardized CI/CD process.


The solution

Techolution worked closely with the application and infrastructure team at BliBli to identify the best network design and application architecture, migration of the microservices, databases and dependent systems while using as much automation as possible. By leveraging Techolution’s help, the entire CI/CD process was moved to GKE and 180+ applications were deployed to GKE in a highly available setup.


The results
The solution helped BliBli enhance their cloud capabilities for new and existing applications and helped integrate on-prem applications with GCP; along with enhancing deployment pipelines. The margin for human error was reduced to almost none with the use of automation where ever possible.

About the customer
Blibli is an e-commerce platform built upon a big dream: to lead Indonesians into a new digital lifestyle and provide the best shopping experience for their customers. Blibli is committed to conducting business with a customer-centric mindset, striving to deliver the best features and services to keep their customers happy and coming back. Blibli aims to become the number one e-commerce platform in Indonesia by providing the rich customer experience for both buyers and sellers.

Industry: Retail/eCommerce

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