Intelligent Asset Management Case Study

Intelligent Asset Management Platform on Microsoft Azure

A retail and cash management company is using data to facilitate real-time decision making capabilities while cutting down on the maintenance costs of its physical assets. Working with Techolution, the company implemented an IoT-based connected asset management platform through the application of sensors and advanced analytics on the Azure cloud platform that enables remote monitoring of its physical assets. Early results are so promising that the company plans to further accelerate its application portfolio transformation agenda on the Azure cloud.

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The Situation

Now more than ever, asset-intensive industries are recognizing the need to redefine their approach to access physical assets and optimize the maintenance of equipment while meeting customer demands in time. Our customer seemed to have all the right ingredients needed to capture the wave of industrial digitization including digital operations and processes. But at the end of the day the results were not justifying its digital investments.


While the company had assembled some building blocks, it was always failing to win the digital race. For one, its journey to the public cloud was stalling due to the lack of expertise. Focused on a costly, time-intensive manual approach to analyzing the terabytes of machine data, the company was not able to proactively deliver essential business intelligence insights to its customers.


The Solution

Following a few disappointing investments, our customer engaged with Techolution to drive a successful turnaround by extending intelligence to its physical assets. To make that happen, we provided a secure and comprehensive IoT solution powered by our cutting edge Azure managed services.


  1. The cloud transformation began modestly. We did a tech stack assessment of our customer that unfolded technical information about all the applications and the respective environments. With an objective to reduce legacy technical debt, we charted a cloud-first roadmap that involved multiple teams from IoT, cloud transformation, and application modernization. In order to help our customer achieve better responsiveness to changing market demands, we strategically selected the Azure cloud platform for its flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) resources.
  2. The recurring nature of IaaS and PaaS meant that data acquisition from the physical assets of our customer was key to value creation. The IoT team deployed a series of network connections for 10,000+ physical assets using advanced sensors with edge analytics. It created the right requirements for operating environment, storage, computing power, and security.
  3. Key to the project’s success was to develop the right fit for an IIoT solution of this scale. Therefore, the cloud infrastructure was supported by Terraform while real time data back up files stored on Azure Blob Storage. This opened doors for the client’s operations teams to remotely login to the connected devices through the web browser without additional plugins.
  4. Further, the real-time data was to be integrated into a comprehensive reporting tool for predictive analytics. This was the beginning of the development of an insights-driven asset monitoring and management tool. Backed by Angular framework, the interactive tool was devised on Azure Data Factory using open source parallel computing framework Apache Spark. Eventually, terabytes of incoming data from the connected assets were synthesized through deep learning algorithms that would go on to power predictive maintenance for our client.
  5. Another important aspect of the project was to make the complete system event-based, one that is highly responsive. Thus, our cloud transformation team developed microservices that were container optimized and orchestrated by Azure Kubernetes Engine (AKE). In addition, the Techolution IoT force ensured IoT security as all application credentials were served by Azure Keyvault and the data in transit secured by transferring over Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  6. Finally, the application modernization team, in association with our design-thinking force, put a premium on the integration of the dashboard that provides executive and operations insights through intuitive representations. By the end of the project the team had applied CI/CD pipelines to ensure zero downtime during deployments.


Through this solution, Techolution delivered an integrated analytics dashboard that automates the ingestion of data from myriad sources across business operations. As a testimonial to our cutting edge Azure Managed Services, our client named the IIoT solution as Intelligent Asset Management platform.


Tools & Technologies


The Outcome

Our customer is now able to optimize cash management systems by providing real-time decision making power to customers and business operation units. Also, with predictive maintenance algorithms, the company has significantly reduced machine downtime, powering Disaster Recovery at scale.

Customer Engagement

Business intelligence insights delivered to customers in near real-time

Reduced Maintenance Costs

38% reduction in maintenance costs leveraging automation

Our client’s ambition, combined with Techolution’s expertise in IoT and cloud transformation, set the company on track to achieve its digital transformation agenda.

Most notably, the asset monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities supported by rapid Azure cloud platforming delivered exceeding financial gains almost immediately for the company, propelling its application portfolio transformation agenda on the Azure cloud.

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The Client

Our client is a US based leading cash management and recycling technology company catering to hospitality, retail, and transportation industries across the globe. With unparalleled product quality and services, our customer has been consistently innovating its products to release new models that meet evolving customer demands.

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