Tiket.com Case Study

Tiket.com Cloud Transformation


The challenge

Tiket.com sought benefits they might get from using managed services offered by Google Cloud. They wanted to try the capabilities of Kubernetes by dockerizing their applications and setting up a well organised CI/CD process. They were also looking for a multi-regional deployment of their applications for disaster recovery and multi-regional data replication capabilities.


The solution

Techolution outlined a multi-regional multi-GKE Cluster architecture for deploying the applications with a database cluster spread across two regions with active replication. The CI/CD pipelines were designed to deploy apps in both the regions to keep the application versions in-sync. The global load balancer was leveraged to get a single entry point for the applications running across the regions, managing the traffic and failover to a secondary region in case of a regional outage. The Techolution team also helped Tiket.com with the dockerization of their application, drastically reducing the size of the application artifacts.


The results

Tiket.com realized a highly available, multi-regional architecture for their apps and their dependent components along with a sophisticated CI/CD process to automate the deployment of applications across the regions. Custom monitoring setup was put in place to capture and display the application metrics and performance.

About the customer

Founded in 2011, Tiket.com is one of Indonesia’s most integrated online booking travel and entertainment gateways. With service offerings for flights, trains, hotels, events and attractions they have seen exponential growth in recent years with an ever-increasing customer base. In order to match the demands and expectations of their customers, they embarked on a journey to move their infrastructure to the cloud and migrate their apps the GCP.

Industry:  eCommerce

   GCS and GCR
   Global Load Balancer