Tiki.vn Case Study

Tiki.vn Cloud Transformation


The challenge

Tiki wanted to migrate approximately 140 microservices, 40 VMs, and 20 Databases to GCP in time for a large campaign launching in just 12 weeks.  After initial planning, Tiki was keen to accomplish the migration prior to an earlier campaign, only 7 weeks out. The migration was completed by the earlier target date and the entire lift and shift of the production system was completed within one month’s time.


The solution

Techolution worked closely with the application and infrastructure team at Tiki for migration of the microservices, VMs, Kafka and databases.  Techolution resources worked alongside the Tiki team, with Google PSO guiding the architecture design and migration best practices.


The results
This helped Tiki in enhancing their cloud capabilities for new and existing applications and helped integrate on-prem applications with GCP; along with enhancing deployment pipelines. Multiple Kafka clusters were migrated from on-prem to GCP with minimal planned downtime to a single bigger distributed highly available cluster.

“TIki is Vietnam’s second largest e-commerce platform. Customers have come to recognise Tiki as a platform they can rely on to deliver authentic products quickly (we operate 2 hour delivery at scale). Due to rapid growth of e-commerce in Vietnam, our platform is continually challenged to meet new levels of traffic and transaction scale. Only way for us to survive peak shopping season for 2019 was to move into cloud. We had a fairly large and complex stack of services to move to Google cloud – albeit within a very short span of time. Techolution was referred to us via Google and was key in bringing knowledge to our team to make all of this happen. The result of our efforts was evident when we managed to scale for highest ever transaction day for Tiki on a mega sale event with zero outages.”

Tridiv Vasavada (SVP - Product and Engineering, Tiki.vn)

About the customer

Tiki.vn is the fastest-growing retail company in Vietnam and is well-positioned to be an industry winner. It is also Vietnam’s most favourite B2C e-commerce company. Tiki.vn features more than 300,000 products in 12 categories including electronics, lifestyle and books. The company achieves the highest customer satisfaction rate and the lowest return rate among all e-commerce players in Vietnam due to its capability to control the end-to-end supply chain, from partnering with brands to deliver high-quality merchandise to managing warehouse and logistics to processing payments and providing superior customer service.

Industry:  eCommerce

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