True Digital Case Study

True Digital, Anthos Pilot

True Digital wanted to enhance their hybrid cloud capabilities for new and existing Kubernetes-based applications using Anthos and achieve a true active-active, load-balanced, hybrid deployment model.  Techolution assisted with the integration of Anthos as well as workload deployment onto the platform.


The challenge

True Digital, a communications conglomerate, is currently managing their own data center and are eager to leverage the Google Cloud platform with its growth. With increasing traffic demand and business, they feel their applications would best be served in their on-premises data center and cloud together so that they can seamlessly deploy, run, scale & manage applications.


The solution

Techolution worked closely with the application and infrastructure team at True Digital to install and build out an instance of Anthos for use in their data centers and on Google Cloud Platform. Techolution helped install GKE cluster on premises and in GCP, assisted the customer in deploying their business workload to the cluster via Professional Services. Leveraging the power of Anthos we made both the on premises environment & cloud work together seamlessly. Additionally, leveraging their existing CD tools to build a new pipeline (Jenkins), the customer is enabled to deploy incremental application versions in different environments with new tags.


The results

The solution allowed True Digital to take full advantage of both On-Prem resources along with the Cloud through a single pane view. The solution also allowed traffic to split between application instances running on-prem and on the cloud with ease. It further optimized the usage of Active-Active hybrid abilities with load balancing and the availability of extra capacity for special events. Techolution also showcased the reusability of existing pipelines for deployment and best practices making it possible to easily rollback to the previous version of the application.

About the customer
True Digital

True Digital, a subsidiary of True Corporation, is a leading communications conglomerate in Thailand and is positioned to transform Thailand and the region to move into the digital revolution.  True Digital Group aims to be the ultimate digital enabler of Southeast Asia by providing Thai and regional customers with digital entertainment, cloud storage, online payment applications and digital loyalty programs.

Industry: Telecommunications

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