December 3, 2019

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August 27, 2019

A GKE Migration: Lessons Learned From A Global Online Retailer

If you’re considering a cloud migration soon…you may want to download this eBook. At the end of a cloud migration project there is usually some degree of self-reflection about the actual project journey. For example, some common questions a tech team would ask themselves: What turned out well? What was particularly challenging? And most importantly, how can we do better for next time?
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How Will Google’s On Prem GKE and Anthos Change the Fabric of Cloud

August 21, 2019
what is amazon kubernetes (EKS)

What is Kubernetes EKS?

As part of its Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon had traditionally offered its own in-house container deployment system -- Elastic Container Service (ECS). However, a growing number of organizations are using Kubernetes to manage their containers, not ECS.