Cloud Automation Services

You Can’t Respond to Traffic Spikes Fast Enough & it’s Costing You Revenue.

Techolution’s Cloud Service Automation Will Equip You To…

Stop Costly Errors
Stop Costly Errors

by automating regression tests & running canary tests before general release.


Application Modernization
Prevent Downtime

by instantly matching traffic bursts with fresh capacity minus sunk hardware costs.


Cut Support Costs by_Training Your Team
Boost Revenue

by instantly servicing users at any location through globally distributed data centers.

Cut Your Time to Market
Cut Time to Market

by freeing developers to build new features instead of fixing errors.


Lower Deployment Costs

by selecting technologies that work in your environment, use your skills & meet your needs.

Stop Downtime by Scaling to Traffic Bursts

Stop Downtime by Scaling to Traffic Bursts

When your website or app is hit by a burst of traffic (e.g., Black Friday), you’ll have the ability to immediately scale capacity to handle the load and prevent downtime and revenue loss.

When that burst passes, you can lower your capacity and adjust to the lighter load without getting stuck with fixed overhead costs resulting from expanding your data center. 

We’ll also ensure that you instantly reach your customers in any market by leveraging our partners’ globally distributed data centers to run your website/apps. 

Stop Downtime by Scaling to Traffic Bursts
Around-the-Clock Issue Response

Around-the-Clock Issue Response

Our offshore team works 24/7 to ensure you can respond to and resolve technical issues during off-hours and holidays without calling your staff back, paying overtime, or letting downtime linger. 

If the issue involves third-party services/systems, we won’t force you to spend extra time dealing with other vendors — we’ll tackle the issue.

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Automation Tools

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Cut Time to Market via the Right

Cut Time to Market via the Right Technology

We’ll help you accelerate your cloud automation deployment by ensuring you select the option that fulfills your requirements. 

We’ll also ensure that you leverage emerging technologies (e.g., AI, blockchain, etc) to futureproof your solutions and guarantee long-term return-on-investment.

Your Developers Need New Services & Infrastructure — Fast.

Use our cloud automation solutions to provision services and infrastructure without sunk infrastructure costs or delays.