Cloud Modernization

Zero to Cloud in 30 Days or Less

Cloud modernization is challenging.


We know that lift and shift doesn’t always work. At Techolution we have a unique approach around cloud migration where we bring the cloud to you by ‘modernizing in place’. Our core practice areas are cloud transformation including migration and application modernization, AI, IoT, and UI and UX are imperative.


The benefits of modernizing in place are:

  • To ensure control over how and what you move to the cloud
  • Has minimum disruption and allow operation during migration
  • It’s affordable because we bring the cloud to you in small steps

Techolution provides a roadmap for ‘modernizing in place’ in 30 days or less allowing you to successfully migrate applications and leverage hybrid cloud. We provide strategy and services for:

Benefits of Application and Operations Modernization


Cost Reduction




Efficient & Ops Agility




Pay for Use


Developer Productivity





Hybrid and Multi-cloud strategy

On-premise is no longer cost effective and is difficult to scale. Many companies are finding that hybrid and multi-cloud strategies provide a lot of business benefits including: cost savings, infinite scalability, and security.
Techolution is a premier Google partner and is a huge proponent of using containers (rather than VMs) in Anthos. Containers offer significant advantages including:
Containers advantages:
  • Faster application deployment and run time
  • Consume fewer system resources (CPU, RAM)
  • Portable, lightweight, and easily scalable
  • OS agnostic

What is Anthos?

Anthos is the portfolio of products that enable organizations to achieve hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With Anthos, customers can run their applications on-premise in Google cloud and also on other cloud providers including AWS and Azure.

Anthos dramatically reduces the common complexities of running workloads and apps on different clouds (multi cloud), on-prem and in the cloud (hybrid) so you have a single source of truth, control and visibility. That makes it easier to:

  • Maximize efficiency (easily place workloads where they make the most sense)
  • Innovate (speed up app development to provide neew services or open new lines of business)
  • Scale up or down (meet seasonal or random end user spikes in ecommerce/retail and other sectors)
  • Contain costs (reduce cloud costs by moving workloads based on access, security storage needs; repatriate when it’s cheaper to run in-house rather than cloud)
  • Keep critical data secure (easily automate and standardize security policies)

What are the components of Anthos?

  1. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  2. GKE On-Prem
  3. Anthos Migrate
  4. Istio on GKE
  5. Anthos Config Management

Application Modernization

Industries that have technical debt have data centers that can’t scale and are cost prohibitive. Containers and Kubernetes cluster management enable businesses to determine code and data dependencies of monolithic applications.


The transformation process shifts the apps into a state so they can be deployed in a cloud. CI/CD processes are put into place resulting in much faster deployment and consistent time to market. Read about our Application Modernization Services here.

Cloud Migration

Lift and shift doesn’t always work. It can be expensive and disruptive.

At Techolution we have a unique approach that is an alternative to lift and shift. We set up an ecosystem in 30 days and migrate one to two apps. This proves the cost savings, scalability and provides a roadmap to the organization for achieving the modernization without impacting the day-to-day business.

Cloud Native App Development

Techolution provides greenfield builds for cloud. The traditional lift and shift approach doesn’t work for a number of reasons. It’s slow, labor intensive and has high costs along with a high potential to fail. We use a leap frog method that identifies the critical business applications and we build the new new capabilities so that they are cloud native. This allows you to leap frog your progress and accelerate the path towards your goal. We also work with startups that are looking for concepts and help them define and execute their strategy.

Techolution has expertise in hybrid cloud and cloud operations

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So if you are considering migrating to the cloud or have a stalled project let’s have a conversation about how Techolution can help.