Connect & Manage your Critical Edge Assets Rapidly & Cost Effectively with our AIoT

Techolution’s Connected Asset Management Platform will be the catalyst for your business innovation. This is where AI and  IoT become the building blocks that drive connection and management of your critical assets. That includes your business critical assets and  manufacturing processes, which can all be accessed through the cloud and the edge.

The following are the benefits that your organization can derive:

       – Business ContinuityAvoid Critical Business Outages with our AI + IOT edge preventative alerting & self-recovery

       –  Asset Life Optimization – Maximize your asset life & Increase ROI with our predictive & prescriptive maintenance alerting

       –  Connected Edge – Central Monitoring, Alerting, Remote Control, Debugging, Remote Change & Release Management of Edge Assets

       –  Cost Effective IOTRapidly Configure the edge to Intelligently triage high priority real-time data vs noise. Customize data aggregation & push conditions for a cost effectiveness

     –  Rapid Dev & Deploy Rapidly customize & deploy your edge intelligence with our extensive SDKs, Common Edge Libraries & Edge AI Packages

Techolution’s platform opens major possibilities for every sector and countless use cases across retail, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and healthcare. Techolution has extended this to an edge application that brings the capabilities for real-world systems integration and digital transformation  to your business vision. 

Techolution provides the planning and implementation supporting new vertical services and applications that leverage:

  • Google’s global edge network 
  • GCP
  • Anthos
  • AT&T 5G networks
  • AI, ML and IoT 

In the bigger picture, this helps your business to: 

  • Reduce latency for making real time data driven decisions
  • Eliminate the need to transport data from the edge to a central location for real-time computation
  • Lower costs by processing data and compute cycles at the edge
  • Reduce costs and processes associated with data storage through effective data streaming at edge
  • Easily manage edge runtimes and applications

Access to the Global Mobile Edge Computing platform and with Techolution as your digital transformation partner, you can realize anything. That can mean everything from flawless business continuity and asset life optimization to cost effective IoT and the reality of fast application development. The beauty for businesses across sectors and their customers is that the possibilities are endless at the edge for bringing life to everything including:


  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Retail and ecommerce
  • Cutting edge healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Smart cities

To find out how you can leverage the network edge and leverage Techolution’s Edge Asset Management Platform contact us at