Google Anthos

The future of cloud computing has arrived.

Experience a new level of interoperability with the world’s first true hybrid, multi-cloud platform.

About Anthos

Anthos unites all of Google Cloud Platform’s powerful tools under one roof, and in doing so can deliver unprecedented efficiency, scalability and cost effectiveness to your IT operations.

Source: New Technology Projection: The Total Economic Impact of Anthos, September 2019, a commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google

Why is Anthos So Transformative?

Modernize in Place

Through Anthos, all the benefits of the cloud can be brought into your on-prem environments, and companies can gradually transition to the public cloud.

Efficient Policy Management

Automate the creation, deployment and enforcement of company-wide security policies with Anthos Config Management (ACM.)

One Platform, One View

Seamlessly manage both on-prem and cloud-based applications from a single point of command.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Anthos is compatible with multiple cloud providers, offering customers the capacity to diversify their workloads and safeguard their company’s real-time ability to do business.

eBook: Why Google Anthos is a Game Changer & How to Get Started



Discover the true business value behind Google’s latest Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud offering and learn how to initiate the Anthos implementation process.

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The Building Blocks of Anthos

In the video above, Tim Delesio, Techolution’s CTO of Cloud Transformation, breaks down the role of each component that is powering Anthos’ robust platform features.

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