Are you short on bandwidth/expertise to migrate your applications to the cloud while still meeting business demand?

Techolution’s experience in digital transformation for healthcare software providers will help your applications scale to meet growing consumer demand.

Service Overview

Healthcare companies are currently unable to respond to their clients fast enough because of outdated applications and infrastructure. Techolution provides the solution by helping you set up cloud in 30 days or less. We will set up a scalable cloud environment with an application of your choice to validate your future cloud strategy based on healthcare cloud best practices.

Techolution’s Cloud Solution

In 30 days or less, your cloud environment will include:

Automated Infrastructure Provisioning – Terraform or equivalent
Infrastructure as Code
CICD Pipeline with Governance & Policy Automation
HIPAA Compliant Cloud
Application of your choice (up to 2 microservices) migrated as part of this pilot.
$1,000 in Google Cloud Credit
Migration of Represented Data Set in its Future Sate for Pilot

You can download the Solutions Brief here

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Techolution Value Propositions

Infinitely Scalable Apps and Infrastructure on Demand

Eliminate capacity limitations for clients

Faster Time to Market

Cut application and workload migrations from months to weeks

Lower CapEx Costs

Decrease costs and supports ROI via strategic shift from Capex to Opex

Respond to Growing Demands

Support transformation from system-driven model to patient- centric model

Guaranteed Security & Privacy

Ensure secured, GDPR and HIPAA- compliant data sharing

You can download the Solutions Brief here

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