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We are an ISV providing compelling IoT *solutions* for specific vertical needs!

Our Solutions Include:

Upcoming Solutions on the Roadmap:

Production Quality Digital Twin – Visualize and virtualize your physical assets in reliable and accurate digital versions in our solution to improve efficiency and productivity of your assets.

Retail Digital Signage – Improve the conversion rate from your digital signage with our data driven IoT and analytics solutions to provide real time insights and intelligent personalization.

Fleet Management – Monitor and improve the performance of your fleet of assets and vehicles with our IoT platform which provides real time insights driven by data and the context.

Smart City – Scalable smart city platform to match the ever growing need of cities and communities by enabling the authorities to deliver services and utilities better and engage with citizens in an intuitive way.

Our unique technologies underpin our vertical solutions:

  • EdgeConnectX enables services at the Edge in a framework agnostic way!
  • Techolution Asset Optimization Solution platform (AOS) combines Edge and AI/ML as a unique end-to-end IoT business solution!
  • CAUSAL Digital Twin: World’s first and only Causality solution!

Connect & Manage your Critical Edge Assets Rapidly & Cost Effectively with our IoT & AI!

Cloud computing and 5G offer limitless data journeys in a world that’s expanding beyond the network’s edge. Google chose Techolution as a preferred partner to deliver cloud capabilities to the edge with 5G. We can help businesses leverage the network edge and the benefits of low latency, location and privacy.

Benefits of Cloud Computing at the Edge with 5G


Smart devices are everywhere and generating data. The edge makes it possible to process the data instantly and reduces latency to almost zero. This is a game changer for medical devices, for example.


Latency used to be impacted by the location of the cloud servers, but processing at the edge removed geographical issues. Services can now be tailored to specific areas whether remote or not.


Sensitive data can be processed on the device or Edge rather than in the cloud.

Techolution offers IoT and AI solutions that drive game changing business insights and results including competitive product rollouts and service offerings.

Our platform delivers these benefits:

  • Business Continuity – Avoid Critical Business Outages with our IOT + AI edge preventative alerting & self-recovery
  • Asset Life Optimization – Maximize your asset life & Increase ROI with our predictive & prescriptive maintenance alerting
  • Connected Edge – Central Monitoring, Alerting, Remote Control, Debugging, Remote Change & Release Management of Edge Assets
  • Cost Effective IOT – Rapidly Configure the edge to Intelligently triage high priority real-time data vs noise. Customize data aggregation & push conditions for a cost effectiveness
  • Rapid Dev & Deploy – Rapidly customize & deploy your edge intelligence with our extensive SDKs, Common Edge Libraries & Edge AI Packages

Techolution provides the planning and implementation supporting new vertical services and applications that leverage:

  • Google’s global edge network
  • GCP
  • Anthos
  • 5G networks
  • AI, ML and IoT


In the bigger picture, these partnerships help your business to:

  • Reduce latency for making real time data driven decisions by creating a loop of sensing, inferring and reacting.
  • Eliminate the need to transport data from the edge to a central location for real-time computation
  • Lower costs by processing data and compute cycles at the edge
  • Reduce costs and processes associated with data storage through effective data streaming at edge
  • Easily manage edge runtimes and applications

We work with your team


Challenges faced by each organization are different when trying to implement IoT and AI projects. That is why, we involve you right from understanding the business goal to deliver the solution which benefits you the most. Our end to end expertise and partnerships ensures you have the least time to market. Whether using our off the shelf solutions or developing a custom solution or customizing an existing solution, Techolution can help you with all of those aspects. From physical device to its digital twin, our IoT products and solutions are future ready.


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