Kubernetes Consulting
& Managed Kubernetes Services

Launch applications in weeks and eliminate
technical mistakes & downtime.

Why Trust Techolution?

Quickly Overcome Your Skills Gap
Quickly Overcome Your Skills Gap

Use our Kubernetes expertise to kick-start your projects & avoid delays from training/hiring.


Always Deploy the Latest Technology
Always Deploy the Latest Technology

Kubernetes is complex & constantly evolving. We’ll ensure you’re never behind in adopting the latest best practices.


Cut Your Time to Market
Cut Your Time to Market

Don’t let skill gaps & technical mistakes bottleneck your critical projects.


Guard Your Apps From Breaches Crashes
Guard Your Apps From Breaches & Crashes

Get guaranteed immutability & self-healing to keep your apps running — and revenue flowing — without disruption.


Dont Waste Money on the Wrong Technology
Don’t Waste Money on the Wrong Technology

We’ll help you pick the Kubernetes platform that’s compatible with your tech & meets your resource needs.


Remove Delays in Resolving

Remove Delays in Resolving Technical Issues

Our managed Kubernetes services will help you avoid spending extra time and money on solving technical issues by tackling all problems, including those from 3rd-party services.


Stop Skill Gaps from Delaying Your Projects

Leverage our Kubernetes expertise to cut your time to market by getting your projects moving today. There’s no need to let your lack of in-house skills and expertise bottleneck your projects.


Overtake Your Rivals by Staying Current on Kubernetes Technologies

Kubernetes is exceptionally complex and constantly evolving. We’ll ensure that your deployment leverages the latest in the technology and standards so that you’re always ahead of your competitors.

We Leverage These Technologies


Use Our Kubernetes Consulting to Speed-Up Deployment & Reduce Your Training & Transition Costs

We’ll ensure your apps leverage self-healing and immutability to avoid errors and cyber security issues so that you keep capturing customers and revenue.

We’ll leverage our expertise of each Kubernetes platform to help you pick the option that aligns with your requirements and existing technology environment. We’ll help you save time and cost.

Seeing as Google had developed Kubernetes, GKE leans on the source’s expertise and infrastructure. Paired with GCP, you’ll get a solution that lowers your costs by letting you customize your RAM/CPU needs and leverage many free programs.

We also Support…

Azure Kubernetes
Service (AKS)

Pivotal Cloud
Foundry Services (PKE)

Amazon EKS


Docker Swarm

Can’t Spin Enough Instances to Meet Demand Spikes?

Our team will help you overcome Kubernetes’ complexity curve so that you’re able to launch new apps and feature updates before your competitors.