Managed Cloud Services

Free your team to work on other projects while we minimize downtime & technical issues

Redefining Managed Cloud Services

Your ability to compete hinges on faster time to market for products, services, and customer experience innovations, which requires the right managed services partner. Free your team to work on other projects while we minimize downtime & technical issues.

You have a lot of priorities that rely on Cloud. They may include global and remote workforce applications and collaboration, IoT platform and data management, AI/ML and data analytics and Application development and management. Your focus is to maximize the business benefits of cloud but you may not have the resources in-house to do so. We can help!

We can help your team with the following:

Plan, build & monitor

We’ll bring our expertise to your cloud infrastructure and systems.

Manage Applications

We’ll ensure uptime and compatibility across on-prem and cloud environments.

Automation and DevOps

We’ll create management frameworks for apps, workloads and databases within a cloud stack.

Security and Risk management

We’ll manage cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance.

AI and IoT

Transparent management of data, usage and consumption.

Cloud architecture is critical to your being able to deliver innovative strategies. We can augment your team and provide you with a fast path to your future state architecture.

Our team can help you develop architectures that will:

  • Control operational costs
  • Deliver performance transparency
  • Business & bottom-line improvements through application cloud mid services
  • Turn data security, resiliency and governance into tangible business results
  • Eliminate tech debt and modernize core systems
  • Meet cloud skills / personnel needs

The Techolution team will help you to achieve business outcomes with managed cloud services. We provide the following services.

  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Network services
  • Security planning / cloud monitoring
  • Cloud native apps, containerization & micro services
  • AppDev, DevOps and GitOps
  • AI and develop data analytics environment development

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How to Maximize the Business Value of Managed Cloud Services

Don’t Sink Money on VMs that You Only Need for a Day

We’ll equip you to handle traffic demand spikes on Black Friday and other critical days without sunk virtual machine and server costs.