Techolution is a next generation, high-tech consulting company. We specialize in building Internet of Things solutions, cloud transformation and migration action plans, architectural enhancements for improved efficiency and cost savings, and assisting clients in refining their software design and development processes. Specifically, we have deployment and managed services experience with every major cloud service provider, and we are the foremost experts in hybrid cloud integrations.


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Intelligent Asset Management Platform on Microsoft Azure

A retail and cash management company is using data to facilitate real-time decision making capabilities while cutting down on the maintenance costs of its physical assets.

Sonic GKE Pilot

Sonic is evaluating managed cloud Kubernetes offers in an effort to reduce its current reliance on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Further, it is interested in establishing a cloud-based Disaster Recovery plan and wants to extend …

True Digital, Anthos Pilot

True Digital is currently exploring using Anthos to power their Kubernetes-based applications. They are seeking assistance with the integration of … Cloud Transformation

Tiki wanted to migrate approximately 140 microservices, 40 VMs, and 20 Databases to GCP in time for a large campaign launching in just 12 weeks. After initial planning … Cloud Transformation sought benefits they might get from using managed services offered by Google Cloud. They wanted to try the capabilities …

Blibli Cloud Transformation

BliBli wanted to migrate approximately 200 microservices and dependent supporting infrastructure to GCP from their data center. A key decision …

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