The City of the Future is Smart,

Safe and Connected

Our smart city solutions improve quality of life and minimize stress on resources, both human and machine.

Smart Infrastructure, Smart Lives

Emerging cities demand smart technology that enhance people’s lives and help develop sustainability. The rapid growth of the digital world has brought about an opportunity for people in cities to connect, converse and coordinate. Our solutions make these interactions easier.

Public Works: Building and managing urban infrastructure is a challenge. We enable public works organizations – water, power, and gas – to analyze issues in infrastructure and respond proactively.

Mobility: As more people settle in urban areas, city streets have become crowded with vehicles. Our solutions help traffic control systems leverage real-time data to plan new paths for systematic and streamlined transportation.

Environment: Air, water and land, our most valuable resources are depleting day by day. We are conscious. Our solutions proactively sustain resources, supporting your city’s environmental awareness efforts.

Safety and Security: Safety and security isn’t just about infrastructure. Our solutions give government bodies a bird’s eye view of urban landscapes with real-time data on security breaches and safety issues.

Key Differentiators

Tech Agnostic

We are able to work with our client’s preferred technologies and platforms to deliver a sustained, competitive advantage. Our solutions are easily adopted for any aspect of your smart city initiatives.

Deployment at Scale

Our main objective is to enable rapid and easily scalable solutions, starting with a PoC that can be evolved into a full project implementation quickly.

AI Drive

Our platform leverages the power of AI to gain deeper insights and obtain value from the massive amount of data obtained each and every day in smart cities.

Multi Perspective

Our solutions are multi channel ready and serve the purpose of varying stakeholders. Be it city planners, administrators or consumers, we’ll make their objective and work much simpler.

Future Ready

Both our hardware and software solutions are standards based and adopt the latest industry standards so that they are future ready.

Renowned Partnerships

Our partnership with renowned and globally recognized sensor and other hardware providers ensures a solution for your city that matches global standards.

Utilities/Public Sector

Smart City Solutions


Our solutions help manage supply and enable administrators to prepare for future demand.

Smart City Solutions

Public Transportation

Explore ways to link public transportation so that commuters find it easy to use (and use more often!).
Smart City Solutions

Electricity Distribution

Effectively monitor and control power generation, supply and distribution to provide electricity 24/7 for all customers.
Smart City Solutions


Monitor and track air quality real-time to ensure a healthy environment for citizens.
Smart City Solutions


Make your city’s motorists (visitors and residents alike) happy by providing smart parking spaces for their convenience.
Smart City Solutions

Government Services

Improve your bureaus and departments by evaluating processes and implementing improvements.
Smart City Solutions

Traffic & Transportation

Reduce traffic snarls and improve your infrastructure using real time data analysis.
Smart City Solutions


Monitor efficiencies of sewage treatment plants and improve their operation with our solutions.
Smart City Solutions

Fraud Detection

Collect, monitor and analyze data to quickly detect and prevent fraud.
Smart City Solutions

Homes & Buildings

Solutions for energy efficiency and redistribution, predictive maintenance and asset sharing.
Smart City Solutions

Revenue & Administration

Automate billing and payment collection processes and applications.
Smart City Solutions


Explore how tailored smart city solutions can improve security and prevent crimes.

The City of the Future is Here Now

Citizens, both commercial and private, demand security, efficiency and sustainability. They want Smart Cities.  Smart doesn’t have to be complex.